30k Design Ideas

➡️ To increase your Amazon click through rate, conversion rate, lifetime value, and profitability.

➡️ Plus, the tool we use to find them all and to spy on competitors ads.

➡️ Plus, plug and play Canva & Figma templates modelled on the top selling pages.

➡️ Plus, a deep dive into your PPC to show you what you're missing.

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Design Faster

Save you time. Save your designer time.

Before: Search. Search. Search. Find a good example. Screenshot. Add to folder. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Total time 3+ hours.

Now: Scroll thousands of great examples in one gallery. Filter by category. Bookmark to folders.

Total time 10 minutes.

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Lower Costs

ME: 266 hours. 9 people. $6000+.

YOU: 60 seconds. 0 people. $169.

We spend hours hunting for design inspiration, so you don't need to pay someone to do it.

We spend weeks building templates, so you don't need to pay someone and wait weeks to upload new designs.

We paid thousands to build a tool to spy on competitor content, in bulk, so you don't waste time and money building yourself.

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Quickly filter for the content you need in the category you want.

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Save time by stealing our storefront, A+ premium, and infographic templates. In seconds.

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A+, stores, infographics & more.

You won't ever have to find Amazon design ideas.

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Amazon Design Kit + Figma Templates

One-time cost


What included:

  • 30,000 design examples
  • 200+ Figma/Canva templates
  • Design roasts updated daily
  • 500 new examples a month
  • Copy to Figma/Canva
  • Advanced filters
  • Bookmarking
  • Figma/Canva training
  • FREE Chrome Extension to find your competitors content ($197 value)
  • FREE Amazon no noise news feed ($96 value)


Having a brain fart for inspiration when creating A+ content, insert cards or infographics? George is here to rescue you.

Kevin King, Billion Dollar Sellers

I really enjoy George's upfront and candid approach to Amazon content. You won't find any fluff here, just direct insights.

Aaron Mizrahi, Hero Cosmetics

Such an incredible resource you're providing.

Todd Hassenfelt, Colgate

Great tool for every creative looking for a database of inspiration in a matter of seconds. I run an Amazon agency and the creatives help me scrape together ideas for clients. They're also tagged, which results in a very useful filtering system. So you only have to look at the type of creatives that you are currently working with. Love it!

Justin Froyland

I often poke fun at George for charging so little for so much value, but the truth is, I’m happy that he keeps his Amazon Design Kit affordable and accessible. It saves my designers hours of time on every project and, more importantly, enables them to produce higher quality creative outputs because they understand precisely what we’re working towards. Bearded Egg FBA

Great job, George. Love this!

Isaiah Fritz

George's insights on Amazon are some of the best out there. Especially his Insights on what works and what doesn't when it comes to optimizing product content and getting your brand to stand out in an increasingly crowded Amazon marketplace. Mike Black

I need all the help I can get when it comes to brainstorming image ideas. Shout out to @_GeorgeReid_ for creating AMZ Design Kit. Having a searchable database has made things quite a bit easier 🙏 Evan Swanson

Simply... priceless! And not only for the tremendous help it provides in getting design inspiration in all kinds of categories and for all kinds of formats that an amazon seller needs to generate, but also for all the learning you get from seeing so many great ideas so brilliantly solved with such varied and original executions. Luis Flarez Palacios

I never used figma before, had a quick A+ turnaround I needed to do. I logged into the design kit by @_GeorgeReid_ and got one done within an hour. And now I’m doing other design things with figma. Brett Bohannon

George is innovating in a way that will transform Amazon business owners for years to come. Love what he is doing! Jon Elder

Reason I never used to visit the design kit was you never used to have it

Michael Patron


George's Blog is an Amazon agency. We have 4 core services.

Amazon advertising management. Our team in India have been managing ads for up to 8 years each. Having started their journey at Amazon before joining GB. They now manage $200m/year brands on the platform, and consistently deliver results - see more and case studies.

Unlimited design subscription. Whilst all other agencies offer high project costs and slow delivery, we went the opposite way. One flat monthly fee, and unlimited fast designs. Our team lead worked at Amazon for 8 years, in the UK and Australia. Managing brands like Apple, Bose, and Lego. See here.

Amazon Design Kit. For 3 years we've collected 30,000 design examples from Amazon. Use them as inspiration to speed up your design process. Plus, use our plug and play design templates.

News feed and RSS. Staying up to date is hard. Noise on LinkedIn and X makes it harder. We save all the top voices posts, give them a heading, and put them into a news feed. Even Amazon subscribe to it. And you can connect to the RSS to consume where you want. See here, it's free.